Friday, July 31, 2009

Another year older

My kindergarten picture.
A picture of me with my brother, Chris, when I was in first grade.

Today I am another year older. I won't mention what my age is now even though most of you probably already know. I don't particularly like the number but really it's not the number that bothers me the most. The worse part is looking older and feeling older. If I could look young and more importantly feel young I wouldn't really care about my age. It doesn't help that some of my closest friends are a lot younger than me. It also doesn't help that my children are making me feel old. Partly because it is the end of the summer and they have worn me out and also because they are getting older too. I don't feel like I should be old enough to have a teenage son but I do. There are nice things about my children being older though. They are more independent now which is very nice. And it's wonderful that Caleb can watch his brothers and we don't have to pay for a babysitter. It has given us more freedom than we used to have and has allowed us to go out on dates more. I really do like this season in my life but I wish I could avoid the body changes that come with getting older. I know that's not possible so I guess I will just have to deal with it. I just need to focus on my many blessings instead of focusing on the things I don't like about being _ years old. I have a heavenly Father who loves me more than I can imagine. I have a wonderful extended family and wonderful friends. I have an amazing husband and three boys who keep me on my toes.

P.S. Please don't laugh at the old pictures of me. I know they look old (because they are) so you don't need to tell me how old they look.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise!

Well, I thought I was going to be all alone for a few days. My wonderful husband had other plans. He had planned an early birthday surprise for me. I was truly surprised - especially since he did this a month before my actual birthday. He brought in two of my best friends from out of town for a girls' weekend. We had a blast! We scrapbooked, shopped, ate out, took pictures and laughed until we cried. It was definitely a weekend I will never forget. Now I'm trying to get rested up before we go on vacation (or our family trip as I call it). Thank you, Kenneth! You are the best!

Me and my wonderful husband.
Hanging out with my wonderful friends, Jennette and Holly.
Getting some scrapbooking done.
All dressed up for a fashion shoot.
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A Fun day at Big Splash

We decided to go to Big Splash after Jacob's swimming lesson one day. I chose not to swim so I could get some pictures. It was great because it was late enough in the afternoon that it wasn't horribly crowded. The boys had a blast! It was really nice because they are old enough now that I don't have to swim with them (although I will most of the time just to stay cool). All three of the boys enjoy the big water slides. Jacob even went down the Silver Bullet last year. It is very high and straight down. He liked it even though it gives you a wedgie. He didn't get to go down it this day because it was closed for some reason. Hopefully Kenneth will get to go with us atleast once this summer. He will be working only half days on Fridays starting this week so we might be able to go on a Friday afternoon. Saturdays and Sundays are really crowded. Hopefully Friday afternoons aren't as bad.

The boys were very excited about our first visit to Big Splash this summer!
Floating down the Lazy River.
Attempting to climb the rock wall.
Jumping off the platform.
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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming lessons for Jacob

Jacob was the only one who took swimming lessons this year. He loved it and did great! He passed level 2 and will go on to level 3 next year. His teacher was great. She challenged him and wouldn't let him get away with stuff but she was a lot of fun too. Jacob has been a busy bee this summer. His activities have included swimming lessons, indoor soccer and gymnastics. He enjoys all of those but says that gymnastics is his favorite. He will continue gymnastics in the fall. This is the first time he's played indoor soccer. I think he might like it more than outdoor. It's very fast paced and he's gotten to play goalie a couple of times.

Swim, Jacob, Swim!

Having fun with the boys in his class.
Learning to swim on his back.
Getting a ride from his teacher.
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Time with family

We were so happy that my brother, Chris, and his family got to come stay with us for a few days! Chris was performing a wedding ceremony in Kansas and they came to our house on their way there. We don't get to see them enough so it was great to have some time together. The boys love spending time with their cousins - time which always includes some video gaming. They also spent time outside together and we went to see a movie together. The house was packed and we had to get creative with sleeping arrangements but it was well worth it. I just wish they lived closer so we could see them more often!

A little Guitar Hero World Tour fun.
Absorbed in the world of Nintendo DS.
Emerie wanted to get in on the action.
Andrea went out back to do some "reading".
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Catching up

Ok. I know it's been about two months since I have blogged. Summer always throws me for a loop. I do much better on a schedule and I do much better when I have some time to myself. So, I'm going to pull a "Kenneth" and write several in one day. I will probably have to write several more on another day to catch up. We started off the summer with Jacob going to church camp for the first time. For those going into second grade they have a day camp. I went along with the group. I can handle going when I don't have to spend the night. Jacob enjoyed it a lot - especially the swimming. They got to swim in the pool and the lake. This year they have a new trampoline out in the lake and the kids really enjoyed it. Caleb went to camp for a whole week but I don't have any pictures of his time there. He thoroughly enjoyed it! Joshua chose not to go to camp this year. Falling out of the top bunk last year didn't help make him want to go back.

Doing flips off of the diving board at camp.
Having fun on the orbit!
Jumping into the lake.
Swimming in the lake.
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