Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to School

Jacob has Ms. Forbis again - we are happy about that. Can't believe my baby is in second grade.
Joshua got Mrs. Roueche. She's very nice and has been teaching for a long time.
My tall son (taller than me now) is an 8th grader now. Unbelievable!
Jacob was excited to see his friends, Jackson and Eli. He is definitely Mr. Social!

Ok. The boys have already been in school for 3.5 weeks so I am a little late getting this blog done. The beginning of school is always crazy and it takes awhile to get back into the routine of things. Caleb is in a new school this year and likes it pretty well. The food is better than at his last school and food is very important to a 13 year old boy. He likes his math teacher better this year which is a major relief. Joshua's teacher doesn't believe in giving homework very often (unless they don't finish their work at school). Joshua is really enjoying that. I am too since Jacob has more homework this year and is now doing book reports every month. This is a big challenge since he doesn't like to read very much. This last week was pretty crazy. Joshua and Jacob were already sick and missed some school. Jacob had bronchitis and missed 3 days of school. Joshua only missed one day of school but has been feeling bad again today. It's crazy that there is so much illness going around this early in the school year. Caleb hasn't gotten sick so far. Hopefully he won't! It's harder for him to miss school. He is at the lake this weekend with one of his good friends. It's getting to where we don't see him much on the weekends because he spends time with friends as much as he can. He's definitely a teenager now. I am working part-time this year at our church's preschool. I am enjoying it but it is tiring. I didn't get to work at all this last week with the boys being sick. Hopefully, this week everyone will be back to school and back to work for me.
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