Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Fun!

The boys love to go sledding when we actually get snow!
Kenneth got to go with us this time.
Our snowboarding boy
The boys built a snowman with our neighbor, Jimmy.

The boys were so excited to have a white Christmas! The best part was that it snowed while Kenneth was home. Usually it snows during the week and I have to take the boys sledding by myself because it usually melts before the weekend. It looks like the snow will stay around for a while this time. The boys had a blast sledding! We were the only ones sledding and it actually didn't feel too terribly cold because the wind wasn't very strong. Jacob had fun snowboarding. Kenneth tried out our snowboard also. I asked Jacob if he wanted to snowboard on a mountain sometime and he said yes. He would probably love to go skiing with his Dad. I'm not much of a skier myself. The bunny slope is about all I can handle. I prefer to stay inside by a fire with some hot cocoa and a good book. The boys also had a snowball fight and built a snowman with our neighbor. Unfortunately the snowman lost his head shortly after being built.
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The Teenager/Musician, the Scout and the Gymnast

Joshua - our Scout
Jacob - our Gymnast
Caleb - our Teenager/Musician

I got this idea from a friend of mine who did this in her Christmas letter. She is more talented than I am and made hers rhyme. I gave up on that idea quickly.

T is for Texting in all his spare time
E is for Eating all of the time
E is for Electronics - he likes Macs the best
N is for Never enough time with friends
A is for Always Annoyed with his brothers
G is for Guitar player - acoustic and Guitar Hero
E is for Excited about web design
R is for Rhythm-maker (drummer)

Caleb is my teenager. He is very social and would spend all of his time with friends if he could. He is our musician. He plays percussion in the band, takes guitar lessons and likes to play on the drum set also (and of course he enjoys Guitar Hero - and is really good at it).

S is for Studious (he's got all A's)
C is for Chess - which he loves to play
O's for Obsessed with video games
U's for Unbelievably good at math
T is for Ten years old

Joshua is our Scout. He is a Webelos this year and really enjoys it. We even attempted to camp out in our backyard with our neighbor's tent. He is in the gifted program at school and is proud of his all A's (this is his first year to get grades).

G is for Giving his mom gray hair
Y is for Yelling all the time (no volume control)
M is for Mischievous Monkey
N is for Non-stop energy
A is for Athlete
S is for Soccer player/Skateboarder/Snowboarder wannabe
T is for Tumbling & Twisting (even the splits)

Jacob is our gymnast. He must get it from his Dad. He is really good! I love to watch him do handstands, cartwheels, splits, etc... He goes non-stop all day and then crashes at night. He is a daredevil and scares me sometimes. We went sledding and he likes to snowboard down the hills.
He thinks he would like to snowboard on a real mountain. He must get that from his Dad also.