Monday, March 30, 2009

Snow for Jacob's party - Crazy!

We had Jacob's party on Saturday. We also had about 7 inches of snow. It was insane! I'm used to having to consider the possibility of rain for Jacob's and Caleb's parties but I've never considered the possibility of snow. Our family members didn't get to come to the party because of the nasty weather. Jacob still got to have his friends come over though and we had a lot of fun. The party had a Knights theme so we had jousting, a Three Musketeers game, a knighting ceremony and a battle with a fierce dragon. It would have been nice to do the games outside but we made it work and the boys had a lot of fun. Jacob's soccer team was supposed to have a tournament this weekend but it got cancelled. Sunday got much warmer (60 degrees) so most of the snow is gone now. Jacob is looking forward to trying out his new skateboarding ramp today (with helmet and padding on of course). Hopefully we won't end up with any broken bones.

Seven inches of snow at the end of March - Crazy!
The king (Caleb) performed the knighting ceremony. My friend, Beth, made the robe for me.
The new knights fought the fierce dragon.
Jacob's knight party was a lot of fun!
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trip to Atlanta

We had a great time in Atlanta. We hadn't seen my brother and his family since last June - way too long. They have a different Spring Break so we took our kids out of school on Friday and they took their kids out of school on Monday. Unfortunately it rained pretty much the whole time we were there and my sister-in-law wasn't feeling well. In spite of that, we still had a great time. The boys were so excited about seeing their cousins! We went swimming at an indoor swimming pool one day and we went to a couple of malls. The boys were especially excited about going to the Lego Store. They also enjoyed playing video games with their cousins. They have Guitar Hero World Tour (my brother's Christmas present). Caleb really enjoyed it since it has drums and a guitar. It also comes with a microphone and my brother talked me into doing the singing part. It was pretty fun! My brother is really good at the guitar and drums. He can even do some of the songs on the expert level. It's always sad to say goodbye to them but this time we won't have to wait as long to see them again so that made it a little easier to say goodbye.

Guitar Hero - World Tour
Almost everyone gets in on the fun.
Joshua and Micah try to figure out some optical illusions.
The kids have all grown a lot since we last lined them up and took a picture.
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