Friday, March 5, 2010

Still Alive

Ok, I figured I should blog since it's been over two months since my last one. Life has been very busy and doesn't show signs of slowing down (it will actually probably get busier). I am enjoying my part-time job! It's only 10 hours a week. I can't imagine working more than that. It's so fun being around little ones again! I can't believe it but my "baby" will turn 8 in 3 weeks. I think that's why I enjoy being around toddlers and preschoolers again because I don't have any at home. Joshua and Jacob just finished Upward basketball. I just love that program! They both enjoyed it. Jacob tended to be a ball hog but he wasn't the only one on his team. He seems to be more aggressive with basketball than he is with soccer. Soccer has started again now. You would think that soccer and gymnastics would help Jacob get out all of his excess energy. Unfortunately, he always has too much no matter how many activities he is in. Joshua is in Cub Scouts still. He really enjoys it. He is a Webelos this year. He has a great den leader and is earning a lot of badges (they are actually pins but they are called badges). Caleb stays busy with band (percussion), guitar lessons and friends. He has always been very social but that has increased with his being a teenager now. We got him enrolled for high school next year. I can't believe I will be the mother of a highschooler. How did that happen? He is excited about being in the Union high school band next year and taking a web design class. I spend a lot of time driving them to all of their activities. I often feel like a taxi driver (except that I don't get paid).
I don't have any pictures to put on here right now. I need to transfer pictures from my camera to the computer. I will try to get that done soon so I can post some of them.