Monday, November 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

October was insane! Which was very sad because I love fall - especially October. I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing and the pumpkin patch. Kenneth was out of town a couple of times during the month and he was really busy at work one week. So, I felt like a single mom quite a bit. Add in some sick kids during part of the month and busy schedules with lots of activities and that's a recipe for chaos and stress. We did manage to make it to the pumpkin patch. Caleb didn't go with us because he was sick over fall break. The rest of Tulsa and Bixby seemed to be there though. It was extremely crowded! We had a good time though and brought some pumpkins home. I was going to put some pictures of the boys' painted pumpkins and costumes but they are still on my camera. I might get them on here by Christmas.

We love going to the pumpkin patch! Caleb didn't get to go with us because he was sick.

Jacob loves having his picture taken. He kept posing for me. He's such a ham!
Joshua didn't want to go through the maze so I managed to get a picture of him by himself.
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Blogging Again - Finally!

Ok, I'm finally getting around to blogging. It's been forever! I'm working at our church's preschool this year and it's really thrown me for a loop. It seems like the days when I am home are filled with chores, errands, etc... A lot has happened since I last blogged so I will probably write a couple of blogs today. Joshua turned 10 in September. I still can't believe he is 10 now. My boys are all growing up so fast! We had a bowling party. The boys had a lot of fun. We used the special lanes that glow in the dark and have video screens. That made it something special and out of the ordinary. Joshua won the first round so he was excited about that.
We've also been busy with soccer and gymnastics (Jacob), Scouts (Joshua) and band/guitar lessons (Caleb). The fall has been so busy that it's passed by in a blur. Soccer is over now so I'm hoping that the rest of November will be less crazy. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is a little over a week away. Joshua and Jacob will start Upward basketball in December so we will get busy again. December always seems to be super crazy!

We had a fun bowling party for Joshua's 10th birthday!
Sitting on a bowling ball doesn't seem like it would be very comfortable.
Who's that silly kid with the bow on his head?
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