Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Channel 8 Tour

Jacob loved trying on the OU football helmet. He also tried on an OSU one and a TU one.
Having fun with the green screen.

Getting an autographed picture from Frank Mitchell.

All around the official news desk.

Learning about what a meteorologist does.

Jacob's den got to take a tour of Channel 8. Frank Mitchell took the boys on a tour and then we got to watch them do the 6:00 news. I think the parents enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the kids. The boys enjoyed it but it was kind of hard for them to be quiet and sit still for 30 minutes. Those of us parents that were there were pretty nervous during the taping of the news. Amazingly, the boys were very quiet. This is quite an accomplishment for a group of 6 and 7 year old boys who are full of energy. Jacob got a couple of autographed pictures which he thought was really cool. The sports guy let the boys try on OU, OSU, and TU football helmets. They were very excited about that. The helmets looked huge on their little heads.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Royalty in our family

The whole royal court
My handsome little guy

Megan & Tyler

Megan & Jacob

Jacob was tuckered out on the way home.

Last night our niece, Megan, was crowned Homecoming Queen. She is a senior at Cherryvale HS. Jacob and I left after school yesterday to go see her. First we got to watch her play basketball. She did great - scoring over 20 points. She wanted Jacob to carry her crown so he got to get dressed up and carry the crown on a pillow. It was very exciting when they announced that Megan had been chosen to be the queen. Jacob also got to see his grandparents, his uncle, his great-aunt and his other cousin, Tyler. The boys absolutely adore their cousins! Megan and Tyler make me feel really old. Tyler was our ringbearer and now he is a junior in college. Megan was only a baby when we got married. They grow up so fast! Be looking for a blog soon about how fast my boys are growing up.