Monday, June 28, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Summer

Summer is always difficult for me. It's so completely different from the rest of the year. It seems like time just stops during the summer and the days are really long. I also have to adjust to having the boys home all the time - and they have to adjust to being together more (which leads to lots of fighting). We go from being super busy during school to not having much to do. This is good and bad. I am always ready for a break from the craziness. However, it's a bit too extreme opposite for me. I'm always telling Kenneth that I wish it wasn't all or nothing. Having three kids keeps us very busy during the school year and then everything just stops in the summer (all or nothing). Something in between would be nice. June has gone by pretty quickly. It helps that we have taken a couple of trips and now the boys have camp. I'm sure the last month of summer will drag by for me and I will be really ready for school to start. I am a schedule person. I like having a schedule and knowing what's going on. That's another thing that bugs me in the summer - no schedule. Kenneth likes not having a schedule. It's one way that we are different.

This week I get to have a few days just with Joshua. I'm really looking forward to that. I enjoy my boys a lot more when I get time with them by themselves. Today I even got some time to myself (which I really miss during the summer). Caleb is in Colorado at a youth conference and Jacob left this morning for camp. Joshua spent most of the day at a friend's house. Tomorrow we are going to hang out together. We are planning on going to a movie and going to the library and then he has a Scout activity tomorrow night. I'm trying to enjoy the quiet while I can. We had a noisy weekend because we had an extra boy staying with us and starting Wednesday afternoon we will have another extra boy with us for a few days. That definitely will not be quiet! We seem to always have at least one extra kid at our house - especially during the summer.