Monday, April 23, 2012

The Gymnast

Jacob has now finished his first season of competitive power tumbling.  He loved it and he did great!  He ended up with a ton of medals - mostly first and second place.  He went to four meets.  Two were in Emporia, KS (one of which was the OK/KS state meet), one in Neosho, MO and one here in Tulsa.  Trampoline is still his favorite event and his strongest event.  He continued to improve over the season in all 3 events - trampoline, tumbling and double mini.  Even though the meets are over now they continue to practice year round.  He practices 6 hours a week and may increase to 9 hours a week starting in August.  The year round practicing is actually really good for him.  It is a great release for his endless energy.  I can't believe he is 10 years old now!  In a little over a year he will officially be a middle schooler and will also move up into the youth group at church.  That is crazy!

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